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I Believe You

August 10, 2018

Becoming love…

A Fool for Hope

I believe you

I believe you. Perhaps the most powerful words for a victim of any kind to hear. My experience of reporting the truth about sexual harassment and power abuse by Bill Hybels as well as the systemic power abuse of the organization trying to cover it up was met with unbelief, blaming, shaming, and more deceptive cover-up. I’m still processing my own trauma and grief of the last nine months, and hope that writing about what I have learned can help others as they navigate their own deconstruction. I know for sure God’s word invites us to bind up the brokenhearted, defend the oppressed, advocate for the marginalized against the powerful and to partner with Jesus in healing their wounds. I long hoped this would be the church’s response. As Christ’s followers we are called to partner with God in the redemption and restoration of all things, including the hearts of…

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