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Ever Bought a Home

August 15, 2012
Ever bought a home…. My agent, sold me my house 7 years ago, never said thank you or recontacted with me past the day he handed me my key.

People will come to church if you invite them, but only once if you drop them after their first or second week to hang with your church buddies. Caring isn’t inviting them to church, it’s inviting them into your house, life, family, failures, and world. I have seen so many shallow church “Programs” trying to coax and trick people into coming to church, only to drop them after arrival.

Its not just and invitation, its an investment into others lives. The problem we have with that is time, it always seems to be the excuse…You are RIGHT… that is all that it is… an excuse… What else is more important, REALLY?!?!

We live in a time in which Christians are more afraid of being called “religious” than they are of seeing their generation go to hell, or just out of time because stuff is just more important…

God gives us all the time in the world… how is your (time) stewardship… do you know how much time you have left? How much time those around you have left… INVEST your time, INVEST yourself, there is NOTHING more important.

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