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This Sunday will be PERFECT

August 15, 2012

The team that went to Uganda, Africa with me the last two weeks are now home and mostly, kinda, pretty much, maybe back to normal.

One of the first things I got to do when I came back to the office this week was visit a friend that had just had knee replacement surgery. While I was there visiting I was introduced to the Dr. that had just walked in to check up on things. As I was introduced, the Dr. was also informed that I had just returned from Uganda.

The Dr.’s response with out even looking at me was quickly “well I think there is much we need to do here”. I gave a kind smile behind his back and did not feel as though he was interested in a response nor would he be ready for one.

It made me feel very defensive, but what am I defending? People in Africa? People in California? Myself and MY decisions?

One of the things that can be most paralyzing to me when I am preparing to share is the awareness of my own imperfection. It can downright cripple your ability to believe that God can use you to do anything of substance in people’s lives.

But what I have to remember is the reality is you still have a message to deliver. And it’s the most relevant and powerful message in the history of the world. People desperately need it and you can’t afford to hesitate to deliver it.

I regret saying nothing… something simply could have been “God loves the people of Africa too”…. or “Its not the kind of trip your thinking of, you should come this weekend as we share about this journey”.

Never the less… People desperately need Christ, and you can not afford to hesitate to deliver HIS message.

So I ask… Join me this weekend as we testify what God is doing and did in Africa during our time there, we have opportunity to play apart , and we share the most powerful message in the WORLD!
And please one up me… invite someone else to come along…its just too important not to!

We will be sharing this Sunday Aug. 12th at 9am and 11am

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