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What every Pastor should hear…

August 16, 2012

I started my day today by reading this comment…

“Every year, 2.7 million church members fall into inactivity. This translates into the realization that people are leaving the chuImagerch. From our research, we have found that they are leaving as hurting and wounded victims-of some kind of abuse, disillusionment, or just plain neglect!”

It was then followed by this statement:

“If you don’t come to church for 4-8 weeks and and elder or pastor doesn’t call and ask why, they are the reason why!”

This was written by a mentor of mine and fellow pastor… this really is what every pastor should hear.

Does this stir you up, maybe because it should… it did me! If this kind of stat an comment does not stir you up in some-kind of why then YOU DON’T CARE… well you do…just not about the “right” things.

My first response to Dennis was this-

“They become the reason or were the reason in the first place? Funny how this just goes to the “what can you do for me to make me happy” “YOU don’t do enough for me” me myself and I’m number one junk…”

His response has very RAW and real truth to it…

“I agree Larry, there are a lot of people who give excuses or who are selfish, but as a church leader, you should know that going on… working with sinful selfish people is what you will be doing until you die – it’s what you signed up for.

That’s the job you took as a leader, and the challenge of modeling a better way. What scares me these days is the amount of entitlement by church staff. As if the title suddenly elevates them to deserve a congregation of unselfish people who will give them gifts and bestow upon them the mantle of an easy life, a white-collar paycheck, 5 weeks vacation, full benefits without having to pay a portion of them, no accountability and I don’t have to have a real relationship with you, “just sit your ass in the seat Sunday morning, write a check and don’t challenge my authority” attitude. I understood the ministry as the “good shepherd laying down his life”, but I haven’t seen this in a long time. Look at most leadership boards. They are made up of “yes” men, usually businessmen who never challenge or push the minister or themselves to really disciple/mentor people. The congregation is seen as a pain and a bunch of whiners. If a person challenges or asks questions they are alienated, marginalized and finally ignored. It’s a sorry state of affairs!”
The sad reality is this can be very true in so many places across the country… I have heard comments before like these. If I am being naked about it, I have not only worked in some of these circumstances… I have lived them myself.
Can we really be ok with and remember…
 “working with sinful selfish people is what you will be doing until you die – it’s what you signed up for.”
As a follower of Christ I challenge ALL to remember loving people, SELFISH people (including yourself) is what you signed up for… as a follower of Christ…or your not FOLLOWING!

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  1. Good stuff! Makes one think, what kind of “business” are we in and who is running that business?

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